From dabbling to doing…

I’m not like many of the other yogi’s in the room. They all seem to pull off that effortlessly chic/hippy/boho/zen look as they fold their legs behind their ears and here I am with my primark sports bra and my yoga mat from TK Maxx. I don’t even know if i really can be classed as a yogi because a) isn’t a yogi a man? Isn’t there another name for a lady who does yoga? And b) at what point do you stop doing yoga/going to a yoga class and become a yogi/female equivalent, someone who encompasses everything that yoga is? Oh and c) i can barely touch my toes, there are arthritic 84 year olds out there with better flexibility than me, but here I am rolling out my mat and getting down to business.

Hi, I’m Amy, I am a recent member of the dirty thirty club and I am here to let yoga change my life. *Said in manner of an AA meeting member.

I’ve dabbled in the art of yoga on and off for some time and I even went to an all singing all dancing vegan digital detox yoga retreat in Cambodia, ran by an American hippy called Joel – there wasn’t actually singing, although there was chanting and there wasn’t exactly dancing – although there was a movement ‘dance’ session one night, but that’s not the point. What i mean is that this was an all out yoga experience. It was really tough but i loved it and it bought a certain calmness to my life, a level of zen if you will. I then went on to travel the rest of SE Asia and sort of left that zen behind for 5 months of debauchery on the beaches and when i came home I vowed to start up again, to renew that sense of calm and to touch my toes.

Because I need a bit of calm in my life. I currently sit in sometimes up to 4 hours of traffic a day getting to and from my day job as a Marketing Manager and I’ve also just recently started a Masters whilst doing my full time job and also trying to keep some presence of normality in my life (read: going to the pub and getting sh*tfaced on the regular with my friends) so there’s a fair amount going on and I’m not the best at handling stress. Stress has a very physical effect on me – it literally breaks out on my face, my chest and makes me really ill in the stomach region. No one needs that in their life if it can be helped.

And it can be helped – yoga does that for me. I leave each class feeling so much lighter, my shoulders don’t sit by my ears and my head just feels clearer, I have a certain clarity that wasn’t there before the class started.

So I’ve paid a membership to an amazing little yoga studio in Putney – The House of Yoga and quite frankly I can’t get enough, so i thought this blog would be a great place for me to document my journey with yoga – sharing both the physical and mental with you as I go along.

I’ll take some progress pictures – not of my stomach or arms or anything, GOD NO, but of my downward dogging and the pose which is the absolute bane of my life – pigeon and hopefully in a few months time I’ll be just like those beautiful, effortless yogi’s in my class and my legs too will be touching my ears…

**A YOGINI…a lady who does yoga is called a YOGINI!!!